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Agrilaser Bird Control

Agrilaser Bird Control UK

The Agrilaser® Handheld is a silent portable device for bird repellent. Due to advanced patented optical technology a laser beam is emitted which is optimized for bird repellent over a long distance. In cooperation with scientist we developed the Agrilaser® Handheld to be the ultimate remedy against bird problems. 

Birds perceive the green laser beam as a physical danger which is coming towards them. The only alternative to avoid being hit is flying away. This is the same reflex when birds fly away when a car approaches. The Agrilaser® Handheld appeals to the survival instinct of the bird. Unlike conventional methods of deterrence birds will not get used to the laser beam of the Agrilaser® Handheld and will be always be repelled. After systematic use, the birds will consider the field on which the Agrilaser® Handheld is used as unsafe and will not return.

For decades, people tried to combat the symptoms of this phenomenon by netting, deterrence and extinction. However, most of these methods are animal unfriendly, inefficient and harmful to a company’s reputation.

An approaching laser beam appeals to the survival instinct of birds, causing them to fly away immediately.

Through extensive testing, the laser technology proved to be a highly efficient technique to deter birds which has advantages compared to traditional methods:
• No habituation • Silent • long range • Repels multiple bird species • Animal & environment friendly.

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