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Commercial Solutions

Our London Service Division will carry out a free site survey and risk assessment with no obligation. The survey will list all findings and recommendations for treatments and preventions required to the premises that were found by our surveyor. We will explain to our clients in detail all necessary requirements and will work out a structural plan to adapt our services around their needs. This could include an emergency, three part or out of hours treatments.

Another option is a maintenance contract that will provide you with regular visits over a certain period. On completion of our initial treatment a record file is left with our client.

Our London Service Divisions on-site pest control file contains all relevant documentation including:

  • Free Phone and 24/7 contact numbers
  • Site details
  • Treatment report detailing all works carried out and future planned work
  • Advice to the client on hygiene, proofing, storage and any other recommendations
  • All health and safety data
  • Every preparation we use is documented for COSHH and is approved by the control of pesticides regulations 1986

Residential Solutions

It is commonly thought that pests are only found within unhygienic areas unfortunately pests find there way into the cleanest of homes. Rodents can squeeze through the smallest of gaps and insects can easily be transferred unknowingly. Pest reproduction is extremely fast, for example Rats grow to sexual maturity within just 3 weeks and typically have four to six in a litter. Pests also carry a number of diseases including salmonella and Weil’s disease (or Leptospirosis).

We provide a 24 hour service. We will respond quickly and efficiently providing you with solutions to your unwanted pests.

We will provide a comprehensive inspection of your property and will locate the source of the problem. We will then carry out all necessary treatments to bring any infestation under control quickly. We will supply a full written report after any treatment with information of work carried out. It will also provide recommendations to our clients ensuring that they are doing all they can not to provide pests with ideal feeding and nesting areas in the future.

All pesticides are used under COSHH guidelines and if any children or pets are present advice will be given of any precautions required. Health and safety data is provided on the back of our written reports.

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