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Museum and Heritage Site Pest Control

The aim of Pest Control Services Group is to provide practical, safe and cost-effective methods to prevent collections and buildings from being damaged by pests.

The main principles are; monitoring for insect pests, targeting treatment only where it is needed and modifying the environment to discourage insect attack.

The approach is to look at the whole picture rather than to react to each crisis.

A well-planned and executed programme will prevent problems occurring and prevent crisis situations.

Targeted control using safe methods will achieve better results at lower cost than large scale chemical treatments.

Insect Pest Management must be relevant to the needs of the building and collection and should use as much local information and expertise as possible and must encourage the participation of all staff.

The key stages are:

Recognizing and identifying priorities for action

Identifying responsible staff

Training staff

Taking action on the high priorities

Identifying procedures already in place which can be readily included  in the programme

Establishing procedures for implementing Insect Pest Management, forward planning, financing and review.

In order to develop a strategy it is important to understand and recognise some of the key components of successful pest control.

These are:

Avoiding pests - by keeping pests out

Preventing pests - by denying them safe haven

Recognizing pests - the main species and the damage they cause

Assessing the problem - by inspection and trapping

Solving pest problems - by improving the environment and carrying out appropriate treatments

Reviewing procedures periodically and changing when necessary to improve the strategy.

Museum / Fabric Pest Management

Museums, wool and fabric handling & processing establishments, shops and households are constantly tormented by the tiny larvae of fabric pests. These are a small group of insects consisting of two species of moths and few species of beetle, capable of breaking down material containing keratin. Keratin is of animal origin and found in hair, wool, fur, silk, feathers, nails, horns, hooves etc. Clothes moths and carpet beetles are probably the first pests ancient humans encountered, damaging their fur and leather clothes and bone and leather tools (a distinctive characteristic of the case making clothes moth is a silken feeding tube or a hard protective case, often found on fabrics or on walls).

Today, silk and wool are used extensively as clothing and furnishing materials. A single hole in an expensive coat or a patch in a carpet will render it worthless as will fur damaged on a rare trophy in a museum. Damage to stored woollens can be colossal, since it would only be discovered when the clothes are needed in winter!

Most moderate infestations can be controlled by use of low toxic formulations. These kill larvae on contact as well as provide a residual effect to take care of any fresh infestations. At the same time, they cause no damage to fabrics. Sometimes, the immediate environment within and outside the house may also have to be treated. Major infestations however, may call for more drastic measures such as fumigation.

In all cases, Pest Control Services Group treatment only commences after a thorough inspection.

Museum Beetle Pest Management


The Museum Beetle is a compact rounded beetle with a small head and a mottled pattern of black and white scales. This beetle is a significant pest infesting stored goods, especially specimens in museum collections where it can be very destructive to animal and insect collections.

adult beetles are 2mm - 2.8mm long

The Museum Beetle feeds on animal material including stored specimens in museums.


Museum Beetle










Common Name:

Museum Beetle

Relatives in same Genus
Varied Carpet Beetle (A. verbasci)

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