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UK Bed Bug Solutions

Thank you for taking the time to consider UK Bed Bug Solutions for your Bed Bug Infestation. I’d love the opportunity to work with you and help you eliminate the bed bug infestation for you and this is 100% Guaranteed.

The bed bug services we give means that we support you in the traumatic time whilst dealing with the knowledge that you have bed bugs.
It's important to us that you feel comfortable when we speak, so I don't mind taking the time for an informal, initial conversation.

Phone: 07842 822522

UK Bed Bug Solutions is one of the leading UK Authority's in bed bug treatments, bed bug information, education, training and remediation, and a founding member of the International Bed Bug Resource Authority. Which means you can feel safe in the knowledge that we will eradicate your infestation professionally and quickly, giving you peace of mind that we give you all the help and advice you need plus a 24/7 direct line to your bed bug specialist if during the treatment period you have any questions or require any further guidance.     

We are dedicated to the elimination of bed bugs by providing the most up to date treatments and techniques combined with giving you accurate educational material, providing an accredited product certification for bed bug treatments, this combined with our thorough inspections as to the size of the infestation enables us to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our unique 3 step treatment process gets the job done in a thorough and professional way. This then results in you knowing that the situation is being dealt with and will be resolved to your satisfaction.

Due to the overwhelming growth of bed bugs and the demands from the consumer the UK Bed Bug Solutions needed to expand and bring their services to a National Level.

Collectively our team of professional bed bug technicians represent one of the most talented and well equipped group in the nation.

"Bed bug populations and infestations are increasing in the United Kingdom, United States and internationally. Contributing factors are thought to include increased bed bug resistance to insecticides, increased domestic and international travel, rooms with more clutter, and greater prevalence of bed bug friendly furnishings."

We are here to answer your questions to help you understand what needs to be done..

Call us on:
Phone: 07842 822522

It really is a bigger pest than most people think, both in population size and its physical presence. With pest populations dramatically increasing around the world and a general misunderstanding that we are not talking about dust mites, we could all be sitting on a bug bombshell."

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